Chicagoan Francesca Folinazzo (Frank) founded Roots Music Rambler as a music and travel blog in a pre-pandemic world. COVID killed events and travel plus her desire to play her banjo. Falls texted her in 2023 and said, 'Let's bring it back as a podcast!' He was raised on John Prine, babysat on Waylon Jennings and taught to drink and cuss the proper, mountain way. He hails from Pikeville, Ky., the birthplace of Dwight Yoakum, whose annual festival is Hillbilly Days.

Falls shares his Mike Cooley experience on a Friday night show in Louisville (Highlights)

A new episode of Roots Music Rambler is live and it is a very special one. Falls shares his interview with Mohammed Dohai, an Oud soloist from the United Arab Emirates. Dohai is an Oud performer and instructor who met Falls on his recent trip to Abu Dhabi to share the instrument with Roots Music Rambler’s audience. He even performed an original piece for the show.

But Frank and Falls also tell stories from their recent Drive-By Truckers-laden weekend. In this segment, Falls shares his Mike Cooley experience on a Friday night show in Louisville. Francesca saw Patterson Hood the same night in Chicago, then caught Cooley there the next night.

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Mohammed Dohai explains that music is the universal language #oud #oudvirtuoso #uae #mohammeddohai

On the latest episode of Roots Music Rambler, Jason Falls visits with Mohammed Dohai, an Oud virtuoso in the United Arab Emirates. In their conversation, Dohai explained that music is the universal language that breaks down cultural and language barriers.

Learn about the Oud, Arabic music and a lot more by watching or listening to the episodes. It’s available on the Roots Music Rambler YouTube channel or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Mohammed Dohai, an Oud soloist Interview | This episode is a must-listen! Episode drops Friday!

New Episode alert! Roots Music Rambler drops Friday as Frank and Falls interview Mohammed Dohai, an Oud soloist and instructor from the United Arab Emirates. Falls draws a comparison to illustrate the importance of Dohai, likening him to notable Americana musicians in the U.S.

This episode is a must-listen! You will certainly learn something good by watching or listening. The episode drops Friday at, the Roots Music Rambler channel on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Discovering the Roots of Arabic Music with Oud Virtuoso Mohammed Dohai

Welcome to Episode 9 of Roots Music Rambler! Join us – hosts Francesca Folinazzo, who Jason calls “Frank,” and Jason Falls, who goes by “Falls” most of the time, as we explore the real roots of the music we love.

This is a special episode we’ve been hinting at for a while. In November of 2023, Falls traveled to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on business. While there, he reached out to Oud soloist and teacher Mohammed Dohai. The Oud is a traditional Arabic instrument dating back centuries that is a predecessor of the lute, mandolin and guitar. It is typically played with 12 strings, double strung like a mandolin, but has a deep, pear-shaped body, short finger board and angled capstan.

Dohai spent 10 years working as a civil inspector on engineering projects in the UAE but in 2015 transitioned to playing and teaching Oud full-time. He’s since become a frequent performer throughout the Arabic region, playing for large crowds, royalty and beyond.

He teaches Oud at Bait Al Oud, a prestigious international conservatory dedicated to the instrument in Abu Dhabi. He not only accepted Jason’s invitation to be on the podcast, but met him in person to talk about, show and play the instrument for Roots Music Rambler.

This episode is special for that and other reasons. Our journey to understand the roots of this Arabic instrument and one of its finest players is exactly why the podcast exists … to dig into the roots of music and musicians that a given place or time makes unique.

Frank and Falls also share their recent weekend that can only be described as Trucker-laden, Falls reveals his new S.G. Goodman-inspired tattoo, and the two share the music they’re listening to this week to help you know what Picks are making us Grin in the Pickin’ the Grinnin’ segment.

Buckle up for The Hoe-Down and the Throw-Down! It’s a new episode of Roots Music Rambler.

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