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Fords INSANE NEW Lithium Phosphate Battery SHOCKS Entire Car Industry

Ford just announced a new lithium phosphate battery that could completely change the electric vehicle market.
This new battery is cheaper, lighter and more durable than anything on the market today, and WILL make a ford maverick, ford raptor, ford bronco, ev, ford f150 lightning much cheaper in the future.

Keep an eye on Ford – the CEO means business and wants to give Tesla news a serious challenge for Elon Muck to think about.

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US Drones: Most Feared Weapon Against Russian Army In Ukraine

US Drones: Most Feared Weapon Against Russian Army In Ukraine /
Russia is facing an army of drones in Ukraine – an army that has been impossible to defeat as they continue to destroy the longest line of Russian tanks whether directly as in the case of loitering munitions also known as Kamikaze drones, or indirectly by fixed-wing and rotary drones. In this video, we’ll look at the main drones that are giving Russia something to worry about in the war with Ukraine – starting with the rotary drones.