Chicagoan Francesca Folinazzo (Frank) founded Roots Music Rambler as a music and travel blog in a pre-pandemic world. COVID killed events and travel plus her desire to play her banjo. Falls texted her in 2023 and said, 'Let's bring it back as a podcast!' He was raised on John Prine, babysat on Waylon Jennings and taught to drink and cuss the proper, mountain way. He hails from Pikeville, Ky., the birthplace of Dwight Yoakum, whose annual festival is Hillbilly Days.

Francesca shares how Nathan Graham is apparently now playing her 50th birthday party! #nathangraham

New Episode alert! Roots Music Rambler drops Friday as Frank and Falls interview their daughters about music and debate the question, “Does Wilco Suck?” But Francesca also shares the story of how previous guest Nathan Graham is apparently now playing her 50th birthday party!

The episode drops Friday at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Jason Falls explains the enriching experience of “Vinyl Record Collecting” #vinylcollection #music

A new episode of Roots Music Rambler drops Friday. Among the topics Frank and Falls settle in to discuss: Does Wilco Suck? But they also interview their respective daughters and share new picks for music to listen to.

Frank starts off the show by asking Falls about his growing addiction to vinyl record collecting. He explains that vinyl is just a more enriching experience than streaming or downloading the songs or albums online.

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Sara Jean Stevens reveals the embarrassing story behind her song “Deadwood” (Highlights)

Roots Music Rambler’s latest episode is well worth the listen. Frank and Falls talk to Americana singer-songwriter Sara Jean Stevens who has a new EP on the way. Falls cornered her during the interview to talk about the story behind her song “Deadwood” which is mildly embarrassing. But it made for a fun interview!

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Sara Jean Stevens shares what working with Matt Patton was like #sarajeanstevens #mattpatton #music

On Roots Music Rambler this week, Sara Jean Stevens previews her upcoming EP due out in the next few weeks. It was recorded at Dial Back Sound in Mississippi, the recording studio run by Drive By Truckers bassist Matt Patton. Frank and Falls asked what working with Patton was like.

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