Chicagoan Francesca Folinazzo (Frank) founded Roots Music Rambler as a music and travel blog in a pre-pandemic world. COVID killed events and travel plus her desire to play her banjo. Falls texted her in 2023 and said, 'Let's bring it back as a podcast!' He was raised on John Prine, babysat on Waylon Jennings and taught to drink and cuss the proper, mountain way. He hails from Pikeville, Ky., the birthplace of Dwight Yoakum, whose annual festival is Hillbilly Days.

I Bet 90% of Your Friends Won’t Crack These 18 Riddles

Here’re 18 tricky riddles with answers you’ve been craving for! ? Riddles and puzzles teach you to think fast, pick your answer quickly and boost your analytical skills and cognitive abilities. These riddles will have you searching your brain for answers. Also, it’s a great way to find yourself in different environments: how about the underwater world? You have to decide if a mermaid is this boy’s mother. Quick! Time’s up!

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16 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

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Get ready for another set of gadgets for all occasions! So today we’ll bring some light to your place, organize your workflow and help you to find the right path. And don’t forget to write in the comments, which gadgets you’d like to see in our next videos!

🔥 Coolest gadgets you can actually buy 👉

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Rhei Clock:
0:44 XGO-Mini Quadruped Robot:
1:29 EGO Exinno USB Charger:
2:06 American Legend Table with Bowling:
2:34 Yubico YubiKey 5 NFC:
3:19 Security Key NFC:
3:32 YubiKey Bio:
3:42 Wooting 60HE Keyboard:
4:11 Squarespace: (sponsored)
5:27 Nanoleaf Lines: Modular Smart Lighting System:
6:09 Scripter Voice Assistant:
6:54 Razer Chroma Light Strip Set:
7:25 Sailor’s Compass by Oceanus Brass:
8:00 Ghost Yo Yo: An Optical Illusion Desk Toy:
8:34 Pocuter Micro Computer:
9:01 Pupsule Pooper Scooper:
9:42 Tritium Titanium Dice:

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On the #YouFact #Tech channel, we speak about cool #gadgets for your room, home, pc and car that you can buy on #Amazon #online. We find the most interesting #accessories and #coolthings for you and show them three times a week on our channel.

The key elements F1 teams will try to carry over into 2022’s radical new rules

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F1 has new rules coming in 2022 that will transform the design of the cars. But despite the changes being so big that every car for next year is effectively a ‘clean sheet of paper’, teams can’t forget everything that they’ve learned under the current rules, and they’ll go into the new era with the ambition of converting everything they know about how to make this year’s cars go quickly, into something that works in 2022. The big challenge will be achieving that under rules that are much more restrictive, as F1 hopes to make the racing on track much more exciting


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Forbidden Island That Appeared Out of Nowhere

Islands are usually associated with sand, beaches, vacation and relaxation. But what if I tell you there’re some islands on our planet you’d never wanna visit? For example, an island full of venomous snakes… or an island with creepy dolls hiding in the trees. There’s even an island that only a few people get the permission to visit. Here’re 5 islands with terrifying and amazing histories!

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Surtsey from air. The youngest island in the world: By Bruce McAdam, CC BY-SA 2.0,
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