Roots Music Rambler was born from a travel blog

It all started from a travel blog. Francesca Folinazzo, also known as The Working Mom’s Travels, spent 15 years traveling and writing about destinations and places around the world. But her passion for music always influenced what she did wherever she went.

Born of curiosity and inspiration, Francesca sought out stories and learnings around the roots of the music from the various places she visited. The fascination bled over into a separate blog (and even a fledgling podcast) in 2019-2020.

And we all know what happened next …

COVID killed a lot of people. One of the other casualties was the original iteration of this website and podcast. (Hey? No travel. No events. No content! Can you blame her?)

And then one day …

Along Came The Crazy Guy with the Crazy Idea

While contemplating Tyler Childers’ Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven album, not-so-mild-mannered marketing nerd Jason Falls marveled at the evolution of the singer’s sound from first album until then. He thought, “I’d love to talk to someone about how his music has changed. That would make a good podcast conversation.”

And then it hit him! (Unfortunately, he was on the shitter.)

He immediately texted Francesca and said, “I’ve got a crazy idea! Let’s bring back Roots Music Rambler as a podcast!”

And the rest is history.

So yes, fair listener. This masterpiece of genius you love so much was the by-product of Jason Falls thinking about going to hell with all his friends while taking a dump.

You’re welcome.