Chicagoan Francesca Folinazzo (Frank) founded Roots Music Rambler as a music and travel blog in a pre-pandemic world. COVID killed events and travel plus her desire to play her banjo. Falls texted her in 2023 and said, 'Let's bring it back as a podcast!' He was raised on John Prine, babysat on Waylon Jennings and taught to drink and cuss the proper, mountain way. He hails from Pikeville, Ky., the birthplace of Dwight Yoakum, whose annual festival is Hillbilly Days.

10 Tips That Could Save Your Life One Day

Going one on one with nature is not the only situation you need survival tips for. In fact, big city life is also full of surprises and danger. Here’s 10 of the best advice to help make sure you don’t panic in dangerous situations. It’s a good idea to know what to do when the situation demands it in order to avoid misfortune. We hope you will never get in trouble, but in case that happens, you will know what to do.

Don’t be afraid to be rude 0:59
Show the taxi driver someone knows you got in his car 1:41
Don’t underestimate ixodid ticks 2:35
If a person says they won’t touch you, be on your guard 3:47
Keep the money for an emergency 4:37
Avoid the crowd effect 5:29
Mark your way to safety 6:09
What if you can’t open the window of a sinking car 6:48
Remember the simple safety rule for staircases 7:36
Use keys for self-defense properly 8:19

– You should always be bold enough to refuse spending time with people who seem strange. If you’re afraid to be alone in the elevator with your neighbor and feel that something’s not right, don’t ignore your instincts just to avoid offending someone.
– Before getting into a taxi, write down its number. If the taxi driver seems to be acting strangely, phone someone you know (it can be anyone, really), or simply pretend that you’re making a phone call. During the conversation tell them the taxi’s number.
– Remember that ticks can latch onto you even in an ordinary park, so always be careful. You can use some bug spray to protect yourself. If it happened, and the tick burrowed into your skin, you can try to remove it. Try to grab it with some tweezers close to the head, and very carefully prize it out. Do not try to do it with your fingers – you won’t be able to grip it tight enough.
– If someone says, seemingly out of nowhere, that they don’t intend to touch you, this should raise the suspicion that they want to do precisely that. Statements of this kind should always set alarm bells ringing in your head. Just think of it – if you are a nice friendly person why would you even think about hurting anyone?
– It’s a great idea to hide some money inside your phone case. There’s always a chance that you’ll urgently need some cash (for example, to pay a taxi driver). Having some emergency money might just save you if your wallet/purse or bag gets stolen or lost.
– If you or someone you’re with suddenly feels unwell in a public place, don’t ask everyone around you for help all at once. Instead, find the nearest individual, and ask them specifically.
– Even if you feel totally safe at a stadium or a cinema, and believe nothing can go wrong at a huge mall, it is better to be safe than sure. So, the second you get in, take a look around and mark your way to safety in your mind.
– You should always have something heavy inside the car that can be used to break the window if necessary. A steering wheel lock, fire extinguisher, or any other heavy object would be suitable for this. Some people believe the best thing you can use is the headrests.
– Over 1 million injuries happen because of stairway falls every year, to be precise. So, never put your hands in your pockets when climbing or descending a staircase so that you can easily catch the handrail if you slip.
– It’s much more effective to hold your keys as you would a knife or clutch them in your fist. This way, you won’t have to look for your keys, and it will be easier to defend yourself. See, not everyone knows how to work a knuckle-duster, but you most definitely know how to hold and use a knife.

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