That’s Why Airplane Seats Face the Wrong Way

Can you imagine boarding a plane only to find all the seats facing away from you? You might think there must be some kind of mistake. But turning the seats around would actually be the best way to get passengers from A to B! Why?

Well, at least because backward-facing airline seats are safer than forward-facing ones. They provide extra support for the head and torso. Our backs are scientifically proven to withstand more shock than our chests and front. So why don’t airlines have the option of rear-facing seats?

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For the health of it 0:21
It’s like babies! 1:00
It saves space 1:35
The views are great 2:15
Sleeping is better 2:38
It’s FUN! 2:59
Better amenities 3:15

Why airlines don’t have this option:
– Too much weight 3:44
– It’s too pricey 5:08
– It could make you sick 5:37
– Sound interference 6:17
– People wouldn’t want them 7:43
– Experiments are too much of a risk 8:08

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– The Society of Automotive Engineers, which creates safety standards in the automobile and aerospace industries, explains that forward-facing seats allow the torso to move forward.
– Babies and toddlers are supposed to sit in rear-facing car seats until they’re at least 2 years old. Because it’s much safer!
– Airlines that have included backward-facing seats in their business class have been able to fit 80 more seats in the cabin.
– With rear-facing seats, you get to enjoy the view the entire time you fly!
– Airplanes are naturally angled up a degree or two when in flight. Seats that face backward can recline into fully flat beds.
– Rear-facing seats are heavier than forward-facing ones, this adds weight to the plane.
– Some frequent flyers that have tried the backward-facing seats say that it’s a little awkward when you ride facing other passengers.
– Completely replacing old seats and installing new rear-facing ones would cost a fortune.
– If you’re someone who struggles with vertigo or nausea, I’m raising my hand here, these “innovative and revolutionary” seats may not be for you either.
– Studies done on various forms of transportation show that most people choose forward-facing seats.
– Completely redoing seating arrangements on board would be risky, and may not guarantee revenue.

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24 Proofs Your Body Is Really Special

During the Renaissance, European scientists and artists strongly believed the human body was the most wondrous and sacred thing in the whole world. And to this day, we only find more and more evidence that they were completely right.

Do you know, for example, why pinkie toe lost all of its functionality? Or how sneezing makes you happy? Or that your eyes are placed in such a way they should actually see your nose? You simply don’t notice it! Well, interested? Then why not check out these cool facts about your body?

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The strongest muscle 0:19
Your brain is the best video editor 0:41
Your body is the whole world 1:00
You’re unique in more than one way 1:24
Half of you is your brain 2:05
Humans shed skin too 2:37
Sugar bones 3:29
Sweat has no smell 3:56
Pinkie toe is on its way to becoming history 4:22
People are still partly predators 5:25
Sneezing makes you happy 5:57
Smart fingers 6:58
Yawning is contagious for a reason 7:22
You can’t tickle yourself 7:46
Where is your nose? 8:14
Your nose warms up the air 8:44
You live in the past all the time 9:04

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– Your eyes are constantly taking separate pictures and moving all the time to make a full image of your surroundings.
– From 2 to 5 pounds of all your body weight doesn’t even belong to you but to microscopic life that lives inside us all. In the human mouth alone more bacteria live than people on Earth.
– Brain structure highly depends on conditions in which it develops and grows, and therefore we all have something individual to us even on a biological level.
– The brain takes only 2% of your whole-body weight, but it’s such a powerhouse that it requires 20% of the energy you consume.
– Bones in baby fists are not fully formed until they turn 10. That’s because in infancy it’s very important for fists to be elastic, so a lot of bone tissue is replaced by cartilage in this period.
– It’s not the sweat that launches you to the bathroom after a good workout. It’s microscopic bacteria on your skin that interact with it.
– Pinkie toe lost all of its functionality a while ago – precisely when humankind started wearing shoes
– Hairs and nails grow faster if they get more nutrition with blood. Another fact – our bodies aren’t symmetric at all.
– When you scream or sneeze, your brain tries to protect you from the loud noise. It automatically turns down the volume in your head!
– Another way to make yourself happy without eating too much is to sneeze. Another happy-hormone endorphin is released with each ‘A-choo!’ you make.
– Human kidneys have 2 million little filters total, and are capable of filtering all the blood in the human body several times per day.
– Yawning is a social reflex that appeared as a way for social animals to signal that it’s time to take a rest. Yawning also helps to ventilate the lungs and make your body relax overall.
– Your tongue has the same kind of sensitive cells that provide you information about the smell of food you eat.
– It takes 13 milliseconds for your eyes to perceive an image and around 50 milliseconds for your ears to hear something. So you can’t always be up to date – it’s just impossible!

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PS5 VS XBOX Series S|X: Controllers CrossPlay Leak Confirmed

You read that right, Sony’s new playstation 5 vs Microsoft’s xbox 2 (aka project scarlett), have leaked designs, everything you need to know! Including the latest leaked crossplatform play!

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The controllers will completely change the way we play, get a little closer to a PC set-up, and have innovative features that go beyond the usual gimmick. So today, we invite you to the ultimate battle between controllers as the Xbox Two goes up against the PS5. The analog sticks are going to feel completely different this time around, with more realistic features and functions. Feel the ways cars move, feel a pair of feet going through snow, and feel every single movement within a game.

The Xbox is not just sitting back and letting Sony get away with all their innovation. The Xbox Pro controller will continue to deliver excellent performance and super easy PC connections thanks to drivers and Bluetooth technology. We also take a good look at all of the third-party controllers and alternate options each one has.

Besides new games — how will these controllers work with classic games? We love playing older games, but does it feel the same? We have some exclusive PS5 details that will break everything down and showcase exactly what to expect when the next Dualshock controller gets released. Watch as TheGamer breaks everything down category by category to deliver the ultimate controller battle!



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Skoda Octavia Combi & Hatch World Premiere REVIEW – all you need to know about the 2020 Octavia

This is our in-depth review of the all-new Skoda Octavia. We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and engines.

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