Sara Jean Stevens shares how her band was able to interpret her requests to make good performances!

On the latest episode of Roots Music Rambler, singer-songwriter Sara Jean Stevens shares insights about her various artistic endeavors. She’s a make-up and hair stylist, a painter, a muralist and, of course, a singer and songwriter. She gave a tip of the hat to her band and sound folks for being able to interpret her finicky requests to make good sounding performances.

Hear the full interview by listening to the episode at, on the Roots Music Rambler YouTube channel or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Frank and Falls shares stories of her singing or performing in public (Highlights)

A new episode of Roots Music Rambler drops Friday. Frank and Falls talk to singer-songwriter Sara Jean Stevens whose latest EP is due out in the coming weeks. She’s also a painter, muralist, make-up and hair stylist and more. Great conversation!

In this segment, Falls puts Frank to the test asking her to share stories of her singing or performing in public. He shares his own nascent band experience as well.

Can you guess which 1980s pop song Falls learned to play on the drums in his lone attempt at being in a rock and roll band?

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Sara Jean Stevens shares living a farm girl life & her household was full of great music! #podcasts

On the latest episode of Roots Music Rambler, Jason Falls and Francesca Folinazzo talk with Americana singer-songwriter Sara Jean Stevens about her music, her journey and her art. She grew up on a horse farm in northern Illiniois and her household was full of great music.

The full episode is live at, on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Frank and Falls dig into their personal histories playing in bands or singing in public! #music

New Episode alert! Roots Music Rambler drops Friday as Frank and Falls talk to singer-songwriter Sara Jean Stevens about her Americana sound, the songs she wrote for her kids and much more.

The Ramblers also dig into their personal histories playing in bands or singing in public, one such incident emerged as potential viral magic to mess with Francesca!

The episode drops Friday at, the Roots Music Rambler channel on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Sara Jean Stevens Hits Her Stride With Working Mother, New EP Coming Soon

Welcome to Episode 11 of Roots Music Rambler! Join us – hosts Francesca Folinazzo, who Jason calls “Frank,” and Jason Falls, who goes by “Falls” most of the time, as we explore the real roots of the music we love.

On this episode, we’re joined by singer-songwriter Sara Jean Stevens. The Illinois-based artist has put in years of grind, playing in other people’s bands and other people’s music. She even did a European tour with Bleached, an L.A.-based punk band a few years back.

But she decided one day she had songs in her that needed to get out, so she started gigging with her own band, which morphed into a solo act backed by musicians and began to find her own voice and sound. Firmly planted in the Americana sound, Stevens writes songs she calls “dusty and warm” like the horse farm she grew up on.

Frank and Falls talked about her journey to cutting her first album, the new EP and eventual LP in the works, her career as a hair and makeup artist, her recent jaunt into being a muralist, and a lot more. Stevens is set to open for John Hiatt in the spring and is poised for a big year in 2024.

Frank and Falls also reveal Roots Music Rambler’s new merch, now available at, talk about their experience in bands and singing in public, and, of course, share some new albums and artists worth checking in in the Pickin’ the Grinnin’ segment of the show.
Falls swoons over his favorite new find in years – Proof of Life from Joy Oladokun.

Buckle up for The Hoe-Down and the Throw-Down! It’s a new episode of Roots Music Rambler.

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