Singer-Songwriter Leon Majcen talks about his journey to become an artist

The latest episode of Roots Music Rambler is live! Frank and Falls talk to singer-songwriter Leon Majcen about his background as the son of Bosnian immigrants, his journey as an artist and his new self-title album which dropped in May.

Leon talks about the album’s songs, most of which were written during the pandemic and in his brief stay in New York City as a student.

Frank and Falls also talk about their own music teachers growing up and share their picks for new music this week. Hear it all at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Roots Music Rambler pays tribute to music teachers by sharing our own.

A new episode of Roots Music Rambler comes your way Friday. Frank and Falls dig into the music of singer-songwriter Leon Majcen whose self-titled new album dropped last month. He’s a combination of Prine, Van Zandt and Buffet, so worth getting to know.

In this segment, however, Frank and Falls pay tribute to music educators and music teachers everywhere by reminiscing about the people who taught them music in school. Francesca, who is a teacher (though not of music) is heading into summer break from her teaching role.

Hear the full episode at or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe today and don’t miss an episode.

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Singer-Songwriter Leon Majcen brings Prine and Buffett-esque sounds to new album

This week on Roots Music Rambler ( , hosts Francesca Folinazzo ( (Frank) and Jason Falls ( (Falls) are joined by emerging Americana singer-songwriter Leon Majcen (pronounced MITE-zen). The Florida-based songwriter brings a mix of John Prine and Townes Van Zandt lyrics with a Jimmy Buffet, Gulf Coast vibe that is sure to appeal to a lot of music fans.

Majcen came to our attention opening for Sundy Best in Louisville in February. Falls then saw him at the Monarch Music Space in Louisville in May. His self-titled new album launched in late May and is well worth the listen, if not purchase. Majcen has an interesting backstory, too. He is the son of Bosnian immigrants who fled that country during its war in the mid 1990s.

Frank and Falls also pay tribute to their music teachers in their childhoods, and as usual, offer up their weekly recommendations for new music to listen to in their Pickin’ the Grinnin’ segment. 

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Pickin’ the Grinnin’ Recommendations

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Leon Majcen grew up listening to singer-songwriters thanks to his dad’s record collection

On Friday’s new episode of Roots Music Rambler, Frank and Falls chat with singer-songwriter Leon Majcen whose new, self-titled album is out. He mixes a strong folk-country sound with vibes of Jimmy Buffet from his time on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Singer-songwriters were his musical home base in fact, thanks to his dad’s love of Bob Dylan.

Hear more when the episode drops Friday at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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How ‘bout a shout out to our music teachers!

It’s about time for a new episode of Roots Music Rambler. The next one drops Friday and Frank and Falls welcome singer-songwriter Leon Majcen. His new album dropped late last month and he’s tearing up the road in support of it.

Frank and Falls also pay tribute to their early music teachers as Frank turns the corner on summertime as a teacher herself.

Get the full episode at or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe today!.

#leonmajcen #folkmusic #rootsmusic #americanamusic #countrymusic #americana #music #singersongwriter #rootsmusicrambler #musicinterviews #musiceducation #musicteachers