ABP Majha Headlines 12 PM | एबीपी माझा हेडलाईन्स 12PM | 09 December 2023 |

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ABP Majha Headlines 12 PM | एबीपी माझा हेडलाईन्स 12PM | 09 December 2023
#abpmajha #marathinews #Headlines #maharashtrapolitics #abpमाझा
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#shorts 丁程鑫“撒娇”成功攻略吴建豪 这谁能顶得住啊!| 这!就是街舞 第六季 | 吴建豪/朴宰范/丁程鑫 | 优酷综艺 YOUKU SHOW

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【这!就是街舞 第六季 Street Dance of China S6】《这!就是街舞》第六季是优酷制作的街舞竞技真人秀,前五季的街舞完成了从小众文化到大众文化的转变,随着Breaking第一次成为亚运会、奥运会这样世界级体育盛会的竞赛项目,中国的街舞文化越来越兴盛,影响力越来越大。第六季是这街新纪元的一个起始篇章,我们将汇集各国顶尖舞者,旨在为全世界的街舞舞者提供一个良性竞争和沟通交流的平台,让观众们看到世界青年街舞舞者们,如何在舞蹈艺术的创作中不断挑战自我、团结协作,用舞蹈这一共同的语言跨越不同文化的鸿沟,润物细无声地展现青年的能量,以团结向上之姿,王者无畏之态,更好地面向世界、迈向未来。
Street Dance of China S6 is a reality show that focuses on street dance competitions produced by YOUKU. The first five seasons of Street Dance of China marked the transition of street dance from a niche culture to a mainstream culture. Breaking, a form of street dance, has even been recognized as an official competitive sport in well-known global sports competitions like the Asian Games and the Olympic Games for the first time, leading to the Chinese street dance culture flourishing and becoming influential. Season 6 exactly marks the beginning of a new era for Street Dance of China. In season 6, we will bring together the top dancers from all over the world, providing them with a platform for fair competition and cross-cultural communication, and aim to show the audience how young street dancers around the world keep challenging themselves, uniting and collaborating through the creation of dance art, how they bridge the gap between different cultures using the common language of dance, how they exude youthful energy in a subtle manner, and how they better face the world and embrace the future with a united and progressive posture, as well as with confidence and fearlessness.

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【这!就是街舞 第六季 Street Dance of China S6】正片 Full EPs:https://bit.ly/3s6SXN3
【这!就是街舞 第六季 Street Dance of China S6】Trailer & BTS &Clips 预告&花絮&精彩看点:https://bit.ly/3QyyIS4
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【这!就是街舞 第六季 Street Dance of China S6】队长精彩瞬间 Captain Moment:http://bit.ly/45F0Zut
【街舞营业中 第六季 Street Dance of China on the Air S6 】:https://bit.ly/470JIwI

【这!就是街舞 第五季】:https://bit.ly/3POnQOa
【这!就是街舞 第四季】:https://bit.ly/3snA9F1
【这!就是街舞 第三季】:https://bit.ly/2I25ytG
【这!就是街舞 第二季】:https://bit.ly/2RALvHJ
【这!就是街舞 第一季】:https://bit.ly/351lNiL
【街舞营业中 第四季】:https://bit.ly/3g7pcCv
【一起火锅吧 第二季】:https://bit.ly/3lYB3oH
【街舞要ONE MORE 第二季】:https://bit.ly/3g6hl8x
【师父!我要跳舞了 第二季】:https://bit.ly/2XmCKDE

#优酷综艺 #YOUKUSHOW #这就是街舞第六季 #StreetDanceOfChinaS6

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