That’s Why Airplane Seats Face the Wrong Way

Can you imagine boarding a plane only to find all the seats facing away from you? You might think there must be some kind of mistake. But turning the seats around would actually be the best way to get passengers from A to B! Why?

Well, at least because backward-facing airline seats are safer than forward-facing ones. They provide extra support for the head and torso. Our backs are scientifically proven to withstand more shock than our chests and front. So why don’t airlines have the option of rear-facing seats?

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For the health of it 0:21
It’s like babies! 1:00
It saves space 1:35
The views are great 2:15
Sleeping is better 2:38
It’s FUN! 2:59
Better amenities 3:15

Why airlines don’t have this option:
– Too much weight 3:44
– It’s too pricey 5:08
– It could make you sick 5:37
– Sound interference 6:17
– People wouldn’t want them 7:43
– Experiments are too much of a risk 8:08

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– The Society of Automotive Engineers, which creates safety standards in the automobile and aerospace industries, explains that forward-facing seats allow the torso to move forward.
– Babies and toddlers are supposed to sit in rear-facing car seats until they’re at least 2 years old. Because it’s much safer!
– Airlines that have included backward-facing seats in their business class have been able to fit 80 more seats in the cabin.
– With rear-facing seats, you get to enjoy the view the entire time you fly!
– Airplanes are naturally angled up a degree or two when in flight. Seats that face backward can recline into fully flat beds.
– Rear-facing seats are heavier than forward-facing ones, this adds weight to the plane.
– Some frequent flyers that have tried the backward-facing seats say that it’s a little awkward when you ride facing other passengers.
– Completely replacing old seats and installing new rear-facing ones would cost a fortune.
– If you’re someone who struggles with vertigo or nausea, I’m raising my hand here, these “innovative and revolutionary” seats may not be for you either.
– Studies done on various forms of transportation show that most people choose forward-facing seats.
– Completely redoing seating arrangements on board would be risky, and may not guarantee revenue.

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