PS5 VS XBOX Series S|X: Controllers CrossPlay Leak Confirmed

You read that right, Sony’s new playstation 5 vs Microsoft’s xbox 2 (aka project scarlett), have leaked designs, everything you need to know! Including the latest leaked crossplatform play!

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The controllers will completely change the way we play, get a little closer to a PC set-up, and have innovative features that go beyond the usual gimmick. So today, we invite you to the ultimate battle between controllers as the Xbox Two goes up against the PS5. The analog sticks are going to feel completely different this time around, with more realistic features and functions. Feel the ways cars move, feel a pair of feet going through snow, and feel every single movement within a game.

The Xbox is not just sitting back and letting Sony get away with all their innovation. The Xbox Pro controller will continue to deliver excellent performance and super easy PC connections thanks to drivers and Bluetooth technology. We also take a good look at all of the third-party controllers and alternate options each one has.

Besides new games — how will these controllers work with classic games? We love playing older games, but does it feel the same? We have some exclusive PS5 details that will break everything down and showcase exactly what to expect when the next Dualshock controller gets released. Watch as TheGamer breaks everything down category by category to deliver the ultimate controller battle!



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